The following procedures will apply:
1. Applicant must be sponsored by a standing and active member of the EAFEA.
2. The application will be reviewed by the Officers of the Club and presented to the General Assembly for approval. 3. Once the application is approved, the new member shall pay a registration fee of US $300
4. The applicant will then pay the current monthly membership fee of $15 for single and $25 for couple.
5. The EAFEA will provide new members a copy of the association bi-laws which outline member obligations and benefits.
6. The new member shall be entitled to the benefit of the EDIR six months after membership.
7. Former Ethiopian Airlines Employees living outside metro Washington DC area, EAFEA encourages them to register by paying a nominal registration fee that will be advised by the Executive Committee.
8. All application must be mailed to EAFEA, P. O. Box 66356, NW Washington, DC 20035