At the end of the World War II one of the modern institutions established in Ethiopia was the Ethiopian Airlines. Today, the airline is one of the leading African Airlines linking Africa with the rest of the World. This achievement was the result of relentless work of the former and present employees all over the world.

In order to maintain the continuity of this achievement its former employees shall contribute their respective assistance wherever they are. Convinced of the obligations and the well-being of the employees, five former Ethiopian Airlines employees met in the month of December, 1993 and discussed various issues. The meeting ended with the formation of an Interim Body. The task of this body was to disseminate information among the former employees and bring them together for the formation of an Association

In 1994 the Interim Body called the general assembly and adopted the establishment of an Association , known as “The Ethiopian Airlines Former Employees’ Development and Assistance Association in North America”. The Association since its establishment was strengthened and performed many useful duties. Its members increased from time to time. Its scope of activities for the development of the Association and betterment of its members became vital.

Hence on November 17, 1997 the Association convened a General Assembly and established a committee that amends the Administrative Regulations of 1994. The committee in accordance with the term of reference given to it prepared and submitted to the Assembly a draft amendment. The Assembly after discussing thoroughly endorsed the document and replaced the 1994 Administrative Regulation.